1. It is forbidden for campers to leave camp facilities without the authorization of the Coordinator.

  2. Regarding the schedule to be going to sleep, campers must respect it. Once the Coordinator says they should go to sleep they should remain in their rooms.

  3. It is forbidden for women to enter the rooms of men and vice versa.

  4. The consumption or possession of any type of drug, including alcohol and tobacco is completely prohibited and will be immediate cause of expulsion.

  5. Any damage or loss of equipment or camp facilities will be charged to the participant who has done so.

  6. Kin Camp S.A. de C.V. is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of any item of value, since it is recommended not to take it to camp (watch, Ipod, discman, camera, cell phone, or any item that is not mentioned in the list of clothes)

  7. It is strictly forbidden for campers to carry cell phones or radios of any kind.

  8. If someone is caught stealing he or she will be sanctioned once the situation is analyzed and may end up with an expulsion from camp.

  9. The camper must comply with all security protocols for each activity. The breach of these can put his/her safety at risk and may be suspended from the activity.

Kin Camp S.A. de C.V. reserves the right to expel, without a refund, any camper who does not fulfill these rules, or who by his attitude represent a fisical or emotional risk of any person in the camp, either staff or his/her fellow campers. The parents will have to pick up any camper expelled in the camp facilities the same day of the expulsion, or in their case, they will have to cover the expenses derived from the return of the camper to their city of origin.

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