Here you’ll find all the information needed to participate in this camp.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Please check the next  information:

[divider][tab][tab_item title=”Dates”]

The camp will be held on Friday, August 26th

[/tab_item][tab_item title=”Facilities”]

The camp will be held in El Ectágono, located at Mexico City.




[tab_item title=”Activities Program”]

This is the schedule planned for the camp:



[tab_item title=”Departure times”]

Campers are expected to arrive at school on Friday 26th at 6:30am

Campers will be returning at school on Friday 26th at 4:15pm


(01.55) // (55)
Yacatas 324, Narvarte,
Benito Juárez, CDMX